I suppose I started collecting cameras in 1958. I first started using my father's Hawkeye box camera from the early 1930s. I still have that camera. I didn't know much about film processing and the first roll was a total failure, getting a book from the school library improved things immensely. Then I moved onto my brother's Ensign Ful-Vue for a short time until I purchased a GB-Kershaw 110 - 12 photos on 120, fixed focus and shutter and 2 apertures- f11 and f16. Used this one quite a lot until it ended up in the river once too often (I had a canoe). In 1960 I started my working life and bought a Japanese Hit camera, a Saga 16mm. Used it a few times, terrible photos.

I then graduated to a Praktica IVF, bought new in 1964 it cost about 2 weeks wages. I have taken a lot of photos on this camera, I still have it and still use it occasionally. Then in fairly quick succession a No.1 Autographic Junior in 1968, a Petri Racer f1.8 in 1969 (given to me in lieu of some money I was owed), another Petri Racer- f2.8 model- bought new at a U.S. army PX shop in Thailand in 1970 when I was backpacking to Europe, and in 1972 I bought a Kodak Six-20 folding in Paris. I still have them all.

Back in Australia things slowed considerably until the early 1980s when it all started again, auctions, 2nd hand shops, flea markets etc., collecting nothing in particular, if the price was right I bought it. I've had about 400 cameras pass through or stay in my hands and now I'm cutting down the collection. I'm still trying to use all that I can and you can see the results. I will be adding more as time goes on


Latest additions                                                                                                                             

Agfa Silette 1    Icarex    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra    Werra