Kodak No.1 Autographic Jnr.


Made in the U.S.A. between 1914 and 1927, it takes a 120 size film for 8 exposures.It has the autographic feature which enabled the film to be written on with a stylus to label the negative. I bought a box of cameras in Canberra in 1992 and this was one of them, it was in working condition but needed a bit of cosmetic work. The photos are of Marulan, N.S.W. (except for the standard Bundanoon railway station) taken in May 2012. The film was an outdated Shanghai GP3 black & white film. Some unusual fogging occured, I couldn't trace the source.



Pictures taken with this camera (click on each for a larger image):
Zenit Zenit Zenit-3 Zenit-6 photo photo
photo photo